Different Styles of Vanities for Your Bathroom

Vanities come in a range of styles, and each comes with its own specific pros and cons. Before you start shopping for a vanity, you should make a list of what you require from your vanity so that you can focus on those that fit the criteria. Some styles of vanity may require a plumber to adjust the fittings, so it’s worth getting a quote from https://cityplumbingandrooter.com/santa-monica/ and similar professionals in order to understand the scope of the work.

Whether you have a dual-sink vanity in your tiny bathroom or a double sink with a lot of storage space, your bathroom is a great place to really get creative with your vanity. You can do some wall decoration over the vanity by adding a large mirror and a few other features like light fixtures – wall hanging lights, mirror lights, a blue neon sign, etc. It can improve your bathroom’s character and give it a unique essence. From the pedestal design to the classic vanity to the modern sink, here are a few of the most popular styles of vanities for your bathroom.

  • Pedestal Sink

Sometimes, you just must sacrifice vanity for practicality. The pedestal sink is a classic example of that. In a time before wall-mounted sinks and under-sink cabinet installations, pedestal sinks were the most popular option for a bathroom sink. They are typically simple in design, with basic faucets and basins. They are also mounted on a small, two-to-three-foot-tall stand called a “pedestal,” which frees up more floor space than a wall-mounted sink. This is particularly valuable in cramped laundry rooms and small bathrooms. Having said that, if you’re not sure about how to fix these sinks, you could hire Taylor plumbers to do it for you.

  • Vanity Cabinets

Vanity cabinets are a dream come true for any bathroom. They not only make it easy to keep all your bathroom accessories close at hand, but they also add elegance and style to any room. A vanity cabinet is basically a chest of drawers with a mirror attached to one of the doors. It is usually a freestanding piece of furniture that has doors on the front, but sometimes you will find them mounted to the wall.

  • Free Standing

The best way to use a free-standing vanity is to set it on top of a table or a console. It is a good idea to choose a table that is the same height as your vanity. That way, the space beneath the table is open, allowing you to store towels and other bathroom necessities out of sight. The height of the table also allows you to keep the floor underneath clear of clutter. This way, you can store items under the table, such as boxes of medicines or extra toilet paper.

  • Vessel

Imagine walking into your bathroom, turning on the faucet, and not hearing anything. The water flows out, but there is no gurgling or noise from the pipes underneath your feet. You go to the toilet, but it flushes silently.

You step into the shower, and instead of hearing the rush of water, you hear a soft, gentle rain. This is the experience you get when you install the Vessel sink. It is a brand-new way to wash your hands, face or just relax in the bath or shower.

  • Wall-Mounted

While bathroom vanities can be attached to a wall, many people prefer a floating vanity that can be moved around anywhere in the bathroom. This gives you a lot more flexibility as far as where to place it, whether you want to put it below a window or in front of a mirror. In addition, a floating vanity might be a better choice if your bathroom is a small, awkward space that needs a lot of reorganizing to handle a traditional vanity.

  • Under-Mounted Sink

One of the most popular trends in under-mounted sinks is the double under-mount sink arrangement, as seen in the image. Not only does this setup give you a ton of storage space, but it also helps to prevent wasted space, an issue that plagues many double vanity setups. The second sink is typically installed above the first one but placing it below the first sink gives you space to store cleaning supplies, toiletries, and anything else you would like to keep out of sight.

Whatever sink you choose for your home, it is important to keep them functioning to their full capacity even after years. It is only possible when the materials used in the making of the sink are of superior quality, the unclogging of drains is checked, and appropriate cleaning procedures are adopted, among others.

Most homeowners want a bathroom that is as functional as it is attractive. But in a space that is also used as an office, spare room, or second bedroom, there is often a fine line between functional and attractive. For example, if you want a vanity that will serve as a home for your hairdryer and curling iron, what you really need is bathroom vanity with drawers. But if you want a vanity that looks as if it was made for a movie set, then you are better off with one that is all one piece and has no visible storage.