About Me

Welcome to my blog! I’m Alexandra Cox, a 40-something mother of 2 boys, a wife, an English licensed pharmacist, and a passionate tea drinker (…I guess because I’m English!). I am so excited to have had the guts to start this blog where I can talk about health and wellbeing, home improvements, and anything else I can think to write about. The picture of me that I chose for my blog is one where we were on a sunny holiday in Spain one year with the family, however, it’s chopped out half of the picture because I’m still not quite sure how to work this blog thing out! I’m sure I’ll be able to share some of my Spain snaps with you guys soon.

Growing up my mum was also a pharmacist, so I guess she passed on her passion for essential oils to me and this led to me practicing aromatherapy and phytotherapy counseling while working with her. What I love above all else is to help and advise people in the field of health, and especially natural health!

When my husband’s job took us flying over the Atlantic to Oregan in the United States, I saw it as an opportunity to continue doing what I love, but in a different format… this blog! I bought the domain from one of my close friends, he used to write a blog about TV reviews and gossip, hence the name but he hadn’t used this site in years. Well, I thought since I love tea it would give me a great opportunity to start my own blog all about living healthy and enjoying life. 

Read my blog over a cup of tea

I am passionate about socializing with others! Although I have been told that is code for talking too much! Togetherness is my philosophy of life, and tea is my excuse to sit down and have a catch-up.

The tea that I drink on all occasions is a culture, an ode to travel, a daily well-being ritual. Flavors, aromas, colors, everything is simply extraordinary, a discovery, an enrichment with each cup.

I wish to share this passion with as many of us tea lovers (or not) as possible because togetherness is above all a great moment of sharing! So, boil that kettle or heat it over the cooker, take out your most favourite cup, brew and travel with me by reading my blog…